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Dixon is an collabrative actor, filmaker and writer who contributes creatively in a partnership capacity with SONDER FILMS in LA/NY. He studied at HB Studios and lives in NYC.

Initially performing on local stages and in TV commercials, Dixon's first feature film role was as the medical examinor in Lodge Kerrigan's award winning, clean, shaven. 

Dixon has appeared in a variety of features and performed in James N. Kienitz Wilkins? Mediums (Whitney Biennial 2017, New York, and The Tate Modern, London, 2018)

as well as Mr. Wilkin's award winning,  controversial radio play, The Republic.  

 Currently, Dixon's work can be found on itunes and Amazon Prime in the award winning, EVOL, Michael Perrone's debut feature, and in the award winning writer/director Roger Hayn's first feature, Congratulations Debby. He can also be seen on the festival circuit in Gleb Osatinski's Father and Eamon Monahan's The Rube. 

 Dixon recently completed European director Sandeep Kumar's comedic short, Another Day in Manhattan, premiering in Vienna, Austria in 2019, and is currently in pre-production in Micheal Perrone's second feature, KURT, set for international release late 2019. 




I act, write, and offer film development advice.
As an actor, 
I am usually cast as an individual in the midst of numerous conflicts. 
Disturbed characters. On the brink of giving up. 
I am at my best creating original characters that are significantly tormented. 
Characters seemingly at the end of their rope.
From the almost silent Michael in Roger Hayn’s, Congratulations Debby, 
to the impossibly talkative, Franklyn, in Tzvi Friedman’s, The Loser Monologues, 
to the disgraced, alcoholic newspaper reporter Walter Hughes, in Mike Perrone’s first feature,
The Man Behind the Camera.
Drunks, abuserers, Alzheimer’s patients, depressed circus employees, 
failures, psychopaths, oppressive fathers. 
Even an emotionally regretful talking frog.
Characters facing redemption, or destruction. 
   I'm about seventy three now.
 Acting is not just something I do,  it is something that I am.  
I hope on some level you enjoy my work. 
And, that you get something useful from it. 
And, that you hire me for it.  
As Robert Altman said,
 “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.”
Let’s live at least one together. 
Thank you,